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At the EHL Innovation Hub, we offer a range of services tailored to support startups related to the hospitality and tourism and F&B industries.

Our services are designed to foster growth, collaboration, and innovation.  



At the EHL Innovation Hub, we offer a range of services tailored to support startups related to the hospitality industry and F&B sectors. Our services are designed to foster growth, collaboration, and innovation.



We provide state-of-the-art facilities, including fully equipped offices, meeting rooms, a recording studio, and a kitchen, enabling startups to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly.



We provide personalized coaching to help startups refine their business strategies, develop their skills, and overcome challenges, encouraging their long-term success.


Events & Visibility

We organize a variety of industry-focused events creating opportunities for startups to learn, showcase their innovations, and connect with key stakeholders in the sector. Startups can also enjoy regular communication in media (press, social platforms, conferences, ...) and internal & external newsletters.



We offer programs designed to equip startups with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to overcome challenges, accelerate their growth, and achieve sustainable success.


Financial Support

Startups have access to financial support through our diverse network of partners, including BAS, Sictic, and our extensive relationships with external collaborators.

Investment opportunities from the EHL group or co-investor partners may be accessible to eligible startups.


Mentoring to support the start-ups' growth


Beyond financial support and coaching, our network of mentors comprises industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and experts eager to share their insights and help startups navigate challenges, refine strategies, and seize opportunities for growth.

With mentorship opportunities tailored to your specific needs, you'll have the support you need to propel your startup forward and achieve sustainable success.

Pitch to investors for Start-ups

Pitch to Investors

At the EHL Innovation Hub, startups are not only connected to financial support but also to exclusive events where they can showcase their innovations to potential investors and have the chance to gain valuable feedback from experts.

Whether you're seeking seed funding or looking to scale your operations, we will support you and provide the visibility and access you need to attract investor interest and propel your startup to the next level.

Our Members


Between seasonal, homemade, local, organic, sustainable and healthy products, how do you make the best possible choices?  

The Beelong eco-score evaluates food to provide simple information on the environmental impact of food products, in a context where the climate emergency is more than ever topical. 


BlackOwl Capsules Hôtel aims to create the first capsule hotel in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The hotel is distinguished by its contemporary Japanese design and state-of-the-art luxury capsules.


“Blent is data platform that allows hoteliers to have a 360° overview on their business, and produce very easily highly customizable dashboards, reports, and tables for all domains: stays, F&B, accounting, SPA, IoT, etc. 

And with our digital assistant you have now direct access to your data, anywhere, anytime. Whether you manage one or hundreds of hotels, Blent will consolidate your data independently of the technologies behind, and you can now group or benchmark your properties very easily.” 

- Christopher Meignier – CEO 


BonApp’s all-in-one, intuitive Point-of-Sale and digital menu solution improves operation management and customer service. It offers numerous customisable features such as real-time data analytics, QR code ordering and payments, and automatic order tracking. It unlocks several benefits such as personalized hospitality, increased revenues and tips, and reduced labour costs. There are no apps to download, no new hardware needed and it’s set-up free-of-charge in minutes.

Bookplan is a platform enabling hoteliers to build a brand, sell their products and services, transact with their customers and manage hotel business online, brick & mortar, and everywhere in between.


We are a strong team of successful entrepreneurs whose aim is to provide people with an affordable and safe relaxation option with a relaxed atmosphere. Capsule hotels reduce the environmental footprint of travel and provide a platform to meet new and exciting people. 
We develop and produce Swiss Capsules and offer them for rent to hotel operators and offices. The protected trademark "Capsule" stands for Swiss quality and innovation. By offering automation technology, we also give hoteliers the opportunity to fully concentrate on their hospitality qualities. Together with our customers, the Capsule hotel entrepreneurs, we continue to develop the product and services as a community.


Clemi's Market is the new premium brand of healthy, organic & vegan snack and breakfast products created by sisters: Clementina and Inès Makula.

They transform unhealthy foods into delicious and tasty products by combining the best of Made in Italy with the most powerful international superfoods.

EHL_Incubator_contler logo final 4-01
Contler offers a fully customizable guest request system that optimizes internal processes and generates upsales while enhancing the guest experience. All services or products offered by a hotel can be intuitively ordered by guests using their own smartphone. With a lean & clean User Experience and an intuitive access via QR codes that integrate into the hotel design, the guest does not have to spend time to get to know the system but can fully enjoy his stay while having the benefits of ordering anything he might need quickly and therefore allowing the hotel staff to be at the right place at the right time. At the same time we provide managers with data reports of any KPI he might need. With Contler the guest, staff and manager have their entire hotel just one click away.


Imagine a world where every luxury hotel can deliver personalized experiences to their guests using AI-powered data insights. Our technology unifies and transforms guest information from multiple software solutions, enabling every employee to provide a superior guest experience across all touchpoints, from pre-stay marketing to the wine in the restaurant. This is the future of luxury hospitality, this is Crqlar.


“Food2050 is a digital platform that makes the origin, processing and composition of food transparent and experienceable and connects this information with consumers' personal dietary habits and goals. This positive consumer experience and the resulting data lead to a more sustainable, healthier food offer provided by restaurateurs, retailers and producers - and ultimately to a healthier planet.”

– Christian Kramer 


Futuraurant is a Point-of-Sale software and an innovative all-encompassing restaurant management platform. This is due to the unique algorithm that optimises the filling of the dining room in real time, interconnecting all of the restaurant’s on-site devices alongside their website and mobile application. Its ability to create an optimal seating arrangement as customer’s arrive, and manage the process saves considerable time and money for the business. Hospitality companies who are moving towards digitalisation for processes such as table bookings now have a solution that genuinely meets their needs, helping them make the move to an electronic method from the traditional paper-based system. 
In the case of its Futuraurant and Reservaurant, they are not limited to usage in restaurants, but can optimise a number of hospitality areas, including hotels, bars, festival, and nightclubs. The iOS and Android application Reservaurant is designed to improve the customer experience, enabling them to find vacant seating at linked venues within three seconds and lessening to the need to phone, email, and text the establishments instead. 

At Golden Olive, since 1800, the culture of the olive grove has been at the heart of our family and has united the generations. Each of them proudly maintains this heritage of knowledge to continue developing the fruit of the requirement.


“We produce and allocate auto sustainable cabins in pristine remote areas in order to deliver a full immersion into nature supported by a luxury hospitality.”

- Marco Antonio Caporale 


Kooko, an application for "homemade" and seasonal dishes. An ethical and sustainable delivery alternative, in the service as well as on the plate! 


Koom, a taste of the world, combines cultural experiences with unique beverages. Koom explores drinks from around the world and crafts original versions to share traditional beverages.

'Bissap', the first drink of the brand, is a healthy beverage originating from West Africa crafted from Hibiscus flowers. The recipe for Bissap has been reimagined to create a delicious, refreshing, natural drink with an original taste


Discover universities in the Metaverse. A one-stop campus tour platform, harnessing the power of 3D twins, Al assistants, and digital avatars to redefine student engagement through immersive campus visits and spatial experiences in the Metaverse.


NewCo is an online service that allows founders to start their own business in minutes. 

Our goal is to help new entrepreneurs to start and then manage the legal and administrative formalities of their startup by developing simple and intuitive solutions. 


NexSwiss is a solution that combines tourism, discovery and sustainability. Thanks to our audio guide system, every traveler can access real-time information around a bus, streetcar or train line. Using the web browser of a smartphone, there is no need to download an application: CityTourPlayer automatically adapts to the speed of the traveler, synchronizes with the vehicle's route via GPS and is available in several languages. The route is enhanced with images, 360º panoramic photos and texts that help the traveler to visualize in detail and in real time the information that is presented.


It feels like plastic and looks like plastic. There is just one difference: it’s made from plants and it's fully compostable. 

One StepUp stands for a plastic-free world! We provide compostable packaging that returns back to the earth after use. All you need to do is throw it into your compost! 
One StepUp’s packaging is just as transparent, durable and impermeable as conventional plastic packaging. 
Together let’s step into a more sustainable world! 

Introducing Papic, a pioneering start-up bridging the rich tradition of Belgian brewing with the discerning palate of the Swiss market. Their mission is to curate an exquisite selection of Belgian-style beers, expertly blended to cater to the diverse tastes of Swiss beer enthusiasts. From crisp blondes to robust ales, they want to  offer a spectrum of flavors to satisfy every preference.

Papic is not just about beer; it's a cultural fusion, celebrating the craftsmanship of Belgian brewing while embracing the swiss tradition.

Join us on a journey where each sip tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the joy of great beer.


Serendipia is a digital passport to the lifestyle of the future, giving access to exclusive spaces, people, and experiences. Serendipia provides flexible coliving, studio and coworking solutions in the best locations for an active, inspiring and community driven lifestyle.



Share.P is a plug-and-play system (consisting of multi-layer software and small electronic components) that solves the problem of parking and EV charging within the existing parking infrastructure. We use IoT technology to reduce CO2 emissions and enable building owners to make profits by sharing parking space and EV charging stations of any manufacturer in a secure and fully automated way. 




StudyBud helps students reach their learning goals by matching them with ideal tutors, courses and resources tailored to their needs through our seamless online learning platform and marketplace.

Looking ahead, StudyBud's goal is to take our unique learning approach beyond Switzerland and cater to diverse domains of education.


Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley is a nationwide initiative to develop, strengthen and promote food innovation in Switzerland and beyond.

We address major challenges in food, agriculture and nutrition by leveraging cutting-edge science and technology for a more sustainable future. 


Trilogy is a food truck offering a Michelin-star restaurant's quality and attention to detail in the simplicity and informality of experience.



Unki is a next-gen travel platform that delivers AI-driven, deeply personalized itineraries. Beyond just bookings, our commitment to personalization extends throughout the entire trip. By integrating with service providers and leveraging expert partnerships, Unki ensures every journey is as unique as the traveler.

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