EHL's Startup Ecosystem

EHL's Innovation Hub offers startups an expansive ecosystem enriched by the international expertise of EHL in the hospitality industry.

This dynamic network includes alumni (representing more than 25’000 individuals), investors providing financial support, students injecting fresh perspectives, and business professionals offering industry connections. Experts and researchers contribute insights and knowledge, while successful entrepreneurs share invaluable experiences.

This multifaceted ecosystem forms a fertile ground for startups, encouraging collaboration, and enabling them to harness the collective wisdom, resources, and support of a diverse range of stakeholders.

Together, these elements empower startups to navigate the challenges of the hospitality sector and turn their visionary ideas into tangible, game-changing solutions.

Our Team

Andrea Monti, CEO EHL NEXT SA

Andrea Monti

CEO of EHL Next


Dafina Kokollari

Head of Innovation a.i.

Sandra Theys

Product Coordinator

Luca Stucki

Innovation Business Coordinator
Attila Ciocuta

Attila Ciocuta

Administrative Assistant

Giacomo Pieri

Innovation Trainee

Our Partners

Amazon Web Services

Unlock the power of the cloud with exclusive free credits from Amazon Web Services, enabling you to scale your project with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


Business Angels Switzerland

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the association Business Angels Switzerland (BAS), where aspiring innovators gain access to seasoned investors and successful entrepreneurs, offering invaluable opportunities for financing, coaching, or both, to fuel the growth of your projects and start-ups.


EHL Connect

Empower your recruitment strategy with EHL Connect, a platform where you can seamlessly discover and hire top-tier students and graduates, ensuring your organization thrives with fresh talent and innovative perspectives.



Collaborating with the Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique (FIT) in Vaud, amplifies our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. With two main branches, FIT Impact and FIT Digital, specializing in digital transformation across industries including hospitality, their expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AI, data analytics, and automation bolsters our efforts to support startups navigating the convergence of hospitality and technology.


Foundation Sylvie Rusconi

Sylvie Rusconi Foundation is dedicated to advancing education, training, culture, innovation, art, and science. Committed to broadening access to education and supporting students and young professionals through various means, including facilitating the launch of their ventures, the foundation fosters an inclusive environment for growth and development.


Hotellerie Suisse

As the national association for the Swiss hotel industry, Hotellerie Suisse champions over 2,000 member hotels nationwide. Teaming up with the EHL Innovation Hub, our collaboration delivers startups a distinct edge, offering robust support, deep industry insight, and invaluable networking opportunities, bolstering their prospects for success in the dynamic hospitality sector.



Elevate your marketing game with exclusive variable discounts from HubSpot, tailor-made for our members, ensuring access to cutting-edge tools and resources to drive growth and success in the digital landscape.



ITNB, a Swiss cybersecurity and data protection company, specializes in safeguarding customers through predictive, preventive, and proactive measures, ensuring robust defense against evolving digital threats in today's dynamic landscape.



Nalios offers our members exclusive discounts on the implementation of Odoo, the user-friendly ERP system, streamlining operations and empowering businesses to achieve efficiency and growth with ease.


Red Vision

Red Vision, created by Damien and Colin, EHL students turned entrepreneurs, specializes in communication strategy and video creation.

They offer bespoke solutions tailored to clients' needs, leveraging visual storytelling to captivate audiences effectively. From crafting compelling brand narratives to producing engaging video content, Red Vision is dedicated to driving tangible results for businesses.


Walder Wyss

Gain peace of mind with expert legal advice from Walder Wyss, tailored specifically for our members, ensuring robust legal support and guidance to navigate complex challenges and opportunities with confidence.


Our Experts

Margarita Cruz, PhD, is a Professor at EHL, specializing in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. Her research focuses on authenticity's impact on entrepreneurial outcomes, particularly in founding new organizations and introducing innovative products. Dr. Cruz brings state-of-the-art trends to her teaching, drawing from her experience as a business engineer in banking and chemical industries. She's dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial excellence in the hospitality and F&B sectors.

After several exciting years in the banking industry in both Switzerland and Dubai, Maya embarked on an academic journey. She has a passion for the subject that she teaches and a strong desire to share that enthusiasm with the younger generation.

Drawing from her background in finance, entrepreneurship, customer experience, and management, she makes sure her interactions with students are engaging. This helps students see how what they're learning can be applied in the real world, making the classroom experience more interesting and connecting it to the business world. 

Alessandro is an expert in digital marketing and digital communication with a great deal of customer experience design. Additionally, he also loves working on regenerative business models in the hospitality industry. 

Mr Damien Kobel has more than two decades of experience in advisory, training and operational roles for companies in the global air transport sector and tourism. Having launched his own start-up several years ago, his expertise at InnoHub is in helping start-ups on organizational aspects as well as by structuring and challenging their business ideas.

Innovation Business Manager and dedicated Acceleration Program Manager with a proven track record of developing strategic partnerships, conducting due diligence for startup investments, establishing procedures, and fostering community growth. Adept in events management, public speaking, and evaluating startups for innovation hubs. Her strong network will enable to reach to the key people.

Carlos is a professor of sustainability and innovation management, and his research focuses on sustainability innovation, including innovation management systems, sustainable business models, and practices. Carlos serves on the advisory board of three rapidly growing sustainability startups and acts as an advisor to various companies on sustainable innovation management programs.

Senior lecturer of information technology at EHL for 22 years, and coming from a hospitality family, Ian is designated CHTP (Certified Hospitality Technology Professional). Outside of EHL, Ian is the chair of the HITEC Europe advisory council, coordinator of the IHIF tech hub as well as being a member of the advisory council for the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF). A mentor to 5 hospitality technology start-ups he works to enhance technology usage in the hospitality industry. Ian was awarded the HFTP paragon award in 2020, a lifetime achievement award for services to hospitality technology. 

Rémy has a wide range of international consulting and multi-site management experience within the real estate and the hospitality industry. His expertise spans the whole hotel sector, ranging from 0 to 5-star properties, residences, resorts and restaurant chains. His expertise and network cover all aspect from feasibility, opening, operation, transaction, funding.

With a degree from EHL Hospitality Business School and specialized in innovation and product development, Antonin can help with the early stages of start-up development, particularly with business models, growth strategies, and project management. 

Marc, a former chef in Michelin-starred restaurants, is Associate Professor of Service Management. He is an internationally recognized expert in creativity, aesthetics, and sensory knowing and an experienced board professional both in the academic and business world. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley, and the Advisory Boards of the Fredman Group and Luqel Water.

With one master degree in Business Administration and one in Leadership, Sandra is expert in business analysis. Thanks to her background in digital and startups companies, she will be happy to advise you in tool & process improvement.

By leveraging my experience, startups can navigate the complexities of launching and scaling their ventures, identifying profitable avenues for sustainable growth, and attracting the right customers. 

Darren Allard, Lecturer in Practical Arts with a vast experience in F&B management and a focus on high culinary standards. Support could very well come in the form of consulting / analysis of various concepts and their implementation.